I am a happy teacher

Salam everyone. Beforeni go to sleep today i have decided to write this entry. Sorry i am new here so you fine my words to be akward pardon me.
Last weekend i went to English course organised by Felda. It was held at Pearl International Hotel. Since i am the only one who is not married in English panel therefore it is obligatory for me to go. By the way i am “i don’t know what no’ mean” kind of person right. But it was a great, inspiring and fun course to attend. I made new friends and most importantly it make me realise that i should teach English not only to help my student pass their 1119 paper in SPM but also to help them become bilingual.
Learning English doesn’t mean that you have to read text books all the time. There are many fun ways to learn English. I myself use to learn English through watching english movie, listening to english song and read alot of english magazine. It wasn’t even an educational magazine. Nowadays there are many other reading material that student can read. Blog for example. Therefore i’ve decided starting from today i want to blog in English. So that my students will have another reading material for them.
On another note, i have finished marking my chemistry paper. Alhamdulilah, this year trial exam result is a lot better than the previous years. A lot lot lot better. Chemistry is a difficult subject, so when they able to pass, i already feel very grateful. Out of 30 students only 4 students fail. Eventhough only 1 student got A i still feel very grateful. I have identified my students weakness, they did not manage to answer essay question very well. I will work on that.
So tomorow is my rest day. I have been too tired this week. Its my brother birthday too, if he doesn’t have plan with his friends i want to treat the whole family with something nice and delicious. So thats all for now, i want to continue reading my Fifty Shades now. Night people.


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